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Seeing is believing


Travel industry needs more attention. More media is needed to put light on excellent companies, projects and individuals who make wonders everyday. Nordic countries are gaining position in global scene, but still the Nordic governments are hesitant to give travel industry the priority it needs.


Times have changed and the difference between outbound and inbound travel is not there anymore – the Nordic airlines, hotel industry and cruise companies have for a long time been part of the international distribution standards. The rest of the travel and service industry must follow. The technical infrastructure and national service standards are not sufficient for global distribution.

Nordic countries have a momentum – but if the small and medium sized entities are not able to meet the sales standards – the Nordic travel sector will not be accesible at the global market place. There is a common interest for airlines, hoteliers, national tourism bodies and private companies and that is: Accessible, high and unique quality services for foreign visitors.

Nordic governments must act and present incentives that motivate and that encourage small and medium sized companies to see the importance of and the need for global distribution.

When I took on the first challenge within aviation and travel industry, I had no idea how fantastic and how creative industry I was entering. I still feel this is relevant. However we need to act – otherwise we are not doing our job.

I want to congratulate TTG Nordic for the initiative, Christian, Carsten, Björn and Erik. We hope for you all the best in making the industry stronger, while doing excellent business yourself.


Pekka Mäkinen
Nordic Citizen


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