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Security at Amsterdam Schiphol brings delays


Disruption and delayed baggage may continue for days
Delays and delayed baggage is plaguing one of Europe’s biggest hubs after reports of a possible terror threat.
Armed police are conducting tough security checks at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, with officers searching every car entering the area.
The strong police presence in and around Europe’s fifth busiest airport was called by the city’s mayor, the national coordinator for counterterrorism and security and the Royal Military Constabulary. But the nature of the threat they received is not clear.
“Like the rest of the Netherlands there is extra vigilance at Schiphol. This also applies to other European airports. Additional measures are needed in some cases,” a police spokesman told Amstel Television 5.
Passengers have been subjected to additional checks and the disruption has resulted in thousands of bags being left behind at the airport. Dutch airline KLM warns delays may continue over the coming days.


  1. Denne informasjon fikk jeg som e-post.
    Det er tydeligvis bagasjekaos på grunn av ekstra sikkerhetskontroller på Schiphol.


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