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Secret Gatwick dossier against Heathrow left on train


File reveals plans to lobby hit list of influential people

Gatwick officials have been left red-faced, after a dossier setting out the London airport’s campaign to fight expansion at Heathrow was left on a train.

The document, which was seen by the Sunday Times, reveals plans to lobby a target list of politicians, civil servants, business leaders and environmentalists, to be rated “gold, silver and bronze”, against a third runway at Gatwick’s rival Heathrow.

In addition to encouraging such influential people to speak out in favour of a second runway at Gatwick, the strategy also aims to “neutralise the prevailing default bias that we perceive exists in favour of Heathrow.”

The dossier also reveals that bosses at Gatwick commissioned a noise study that disputes Heathrow’s claims that fewer people would suffer from aircraft noise if it were given the green light to build a third runway.

Heathrow has previously said that the number of people “significantly annoyed” by aircraft noise would drop from the current 237,350 to between 187,000 and 202,900, even with an additional runway, as a result of quieter aircraft and steeper landing approaches. Gatwick says these figures are “disingenuous”.

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[pictured: Gatwick’s North Terminal, Pier 4]


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