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Search for missing MH370 debris continues


Planes and ships comb the southern Indian Ocean

The search for possible debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft in the Indian Ocean has begun again, around 2,500 kilometres south-west of Perth.

Improved weather conditions in one of the remotest corners of the plant are expected today, helping air search operations from Australia, New Zealand and the US in what was described as “the best lead yet”.

The focus on this area follows two objects spotted on satellite images that may be debris from flight MH370. The Kuala Lumpur-Beijing flight with 239 people on board vanished on March 8.

Meanwhile, UK satellite company Inmarsat told the BBC that there were very strong indications ten days ago that the plane would be found either in the southern Indian Ocean or in Central Asia, not in the South China Sea or the Malacca Straits where Malaysia continued to search.

Four aircraft searched for the debris without success yesterday, but the search continues today. The weather conditions in the area were “extremely bad” with rough seas and high winds. A Norwegian merchant ship, the St Petersburg, continued to comb the seas..


[pictured: Malaysia Airlines Boeing 747-400 in “Hibiscus” livery]


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