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Scot freed in Dubai after ‘hip-touching’


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Royal pardon allows tourist to return home
A Scot facing three months in a Dubai prison for touching another man’s hip in a bar is now free to return home, following royal intervention.
Jamie Harron, 27, had been arrested for public indecency after the incident in the crowded Rock Bottom bar when businessman Emad Tabaz claimed Harron repeatedly touched him hip.
Harron, who was on his way home from working in Afghanistan, was “very drunk”, according to Tabaz. But Harron said he touched the man to try to stop his drink from spilling.
The police arrived and Harron was later sentenced for public indecency and faced further charges over drinking alcohol and swearing.
The case against him has now been dropped following a special order from Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, prime minister of the UAE and ruling emir of Dubai.


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