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Scary new trend feared at Trolltunga


Just how far are you willing to go for the perfect selfie?
Tour guides and authorities in Norway are advising against what appears to be an “idiotic” new trend in search of the perfect selfie at the popular promontory Trolltunga.
Last week, Swedish tourist Sarah Persson stumbled across of a group of British climbers flirting with death and took photos of them.
The climbers used straps so one of them could hang 700m above a lake in southern Norway, as he took his photo with a selfie stick.
Persson tells The Local that the climbers “looked like they knew what they were doing” but still couldn’t believe such a stunt.
A tour guide with the company Trolltunga Active also witnessed the mad Brits. The head of the company, Jostein Soldal, told broadcaster NRK that the guide tried to stop them.
“The guide advised them against doing it but they told him that they had seen others who had done similar things. […] It’s idiotic behaviour. You can fall and die; it’s that simple.”
The Local


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