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Scandlines customers love Starbucks – also on the ferries between Germany and Denmark


Since May 2016, Scandlines’ customers have had the chance to enjoy a nice cup of Starbucks coffee, when travelling with the ferries on the route Puttgarden-Rødby. The customers have been pleased with the opportunity. As a result, Scandlines is extending the collaboration with the world’s largest coffee brand to include the two new hybrid ferries on the Rostock-Gedser route.
As the first ferry operator in the Nordic countries, Scandlines partnered with the world’s largest coffee brand, Starbucks, in 2016. On board the ferries M/V Deutschland and M/V Schleswig-Holstein on the Puttgarden-Rødby route, we have tested the concept of selling coffee and tea products from Starbucks since May 2016 – and it has proven to be a huge success.
Our customer surveys show, that the customers are excited about having Starbucks on the ferries. Thus, Scandlines has decided to extend the collaboration with Starbucks to include the two new hybrid ferries on the Rostock-Gedser route.
In the ”GoodtoGo” outlet on board the M/V Berlin and M/V Copenhagen, Scandlines is offering the products Americano, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Hot Chocolate and Tea, all brewed on Starbucks products in the familiar quality. Speciel seasonal products will complement the standard range, so there is something for everyone troughout the year.
“We are happy to be able to offer our customers a nice cup of coffee on board, while enjoying the great facilities and the fantastic ocean view. The days of bad coffee are long behind us at Scandlines – and with the new ferries we are proving our focus on quality”, says Anette Ustrup Svendsen, Head of Corporate Communications at Scandlines.
All employees in “GoodtoGo” have received extensive product training on board by one of Starbucks’ own representatives.
About Scandlines
Scandlines stands as a symbol of a historical and close cooperation between Denmark, Germany and Sweden since 1872. Under the names Scandlines and Scandlines Helsingør-Helsingborg three short ferry routes are marketed with high capacity and frequency and with a green vision for the future.
The core business is to provide an efficient and reliable transport service for both passengers and freight customers. The main focus for all activities in Scandlines is to create value for our customers on board the ferries as well as in the shops of Scandlines.
With more than 90,000 departures on 12 ferries, in 2015 Scandlines transported 15 million passengers, 3.3 million cars, 900,000 freight units and 65,000 busses on the routes Puttgarden-Rødby, Rostock-Gedser and Helsingør-Helsingborg.


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