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Scandic to cut breakfast waste by 232 tonnes


Using up tomatoes to make salsa can save resources

As can be imagined, food waste from restaurants accounts for a large proportion of a hotel’s waste in total. Leftovers from buffets, kitchen scraps, bread and what guests leave on the side of their plates all add up to hundreds of kilos every day. Much of this food waste is thrown away unnecessarily, says Scandic Hotels, so the company is now attacking the problem at all of its hotels. A recently completed pilot program shows that, with know-how and planning, the hotels can cut breakfast waste by over 30%.
By training staff, controlling purchasing and the amount produced for each particular occasion, and passing the message on to guests, the target is to reduce waste from breakfast by just over 30%, from today’s 141 grams per guest to 90 grams. Scandic says that if its 75 hotels in Sweden succeed in hitting the target, the proportion of waste will be cut by 232 tonnes over the year as a whole.
It involves thinking about how ingredients are handled and the way the food is presented in the buffet. Using up tomatoes to make salsa, for example, means that the hotels can save vast quantities of resources that would otherwise go to waste. Guests are encouraged not to leave food on their plates with signs that read “eat as much as you like, and bin as little as you can”.
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[pictured: Scandic summer menu with Jamie Oliver; courtesy Scandic]


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