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Scandic takes recycled paper one step further


Beginning of this year Scandic started the process of, step by step, replacing all paper used for printed material within the company with a 100% recycled and more sustainable product.

Dalum Papir A/S in Denmark is producing Cyclus, a paper where all residues from the recycling process are taken care of, which minimizes the environmental impact.

Scandic orders exclusively Cyclus paper for all printed material since march 2012. This gives extra strength to the company profile of being the most environmentally friendly hotel chain in the Nordics.

– For the printing we are working exclusively with Nordic Ecolable-certified companies since many years. This is still the case but now we are taking it one step further. We are proud of our change of paper and the replacement process to the environmentally optimized Cyclus paper has worked very smoothly, comments Inger Mattsson, Manager Sustainable Business at Scandic.

– Apart from this process it is also an important goal for Scandic to minimize our general consumption of paper at our offices and hotels. That way we are working towards an increasingly environmentally friendly and sustainable activity in more than one way, says Margareta Thorgren, VP Group Communication at Scandic Hotels.

Cyclus is an unique product since all residues generated by the recycling of the paper are taken care of. During the recycling process the filler, kaolin (chalk) and limestone are washed out of the paper with soap and water.These residues are then used for production of for example cement. Other residues are used as energy when producing district heating.

– Considering that the paper mill aswell as the recycling mill are both in Denmark the transports between pulp mill and paper mill are not long.The actual collecting of the paper for reycling is also done within a limited geographic area, confirms Karin Sömnes, prescription sales at Papyrus, the supplier of the Cyclus-paper to Scandic.

Facts: Recycled paper is a worthful resource with a positive impact on the environment. Dalum Papir A/S recycles 120 000 tons of paper from printers and offices every year. None of this material turns into waste. The water consumption during the production of Cyclus is 60% lower than during production of non recycled paper. Steam and electricity is generated from bio fuel which minimizes the emission av carbon dioxid (CO2).The pulp is produced without optical brighteners and chlorinated compounds. (Source:Papyrus)

For further information: Margareta Thorgren, VP Group Communication, Scandic +46 8 51735254 Inger Mattsson, Manager Sustainable Business, Scandic +46 8 51735019 Karin Sömnes, Prescription Sales, Papyrus +46 10 5172611


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