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Scandic: Swedes want more time with family


Chain says that time away is a “well-deserved luxury”

Stressed Swedes want more time for their family, partner, friends, hobbies and exercise, a new survey commissioned by Scandic Hotels has found. And less work. What families, especially young ones, want most of all is more time for family and friends, and they like to go away to relax. To meet this demand, Scandic says it is using findings from the September YouGov poll to target extra-value offers specifically at couples, families and groups of friends. The challenge, the chain says, is to break up the weekday routine with a stress-free weekend.
“We asked 1,003 Swedes aged 18-74 about their lifestyle and what they would like to spend more time on if they had the choice,” says Marie-Therese Helmertz, Scandic’s marketing manager for brand and communications. “Over half wanted to spend more time with their family, partner and friends. Only 17% said they wanted to work more. The survey also showed a desire by respondents to go away with their partner as a way of spending more time together. Going away somewhere is clearly synonymous with relaxation. Not having to clean, make beds, cook and tidy things away is a well-deserved luxury.”
[pictured: Scandic Anglais, Stockholm; photo by Åke E:son Lindman; courtesy Scandic Hotels]


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