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Scandic: Politics and investments will increase tourism


An increased tourism requires efforts from local politics aswell as the business industry in the Stockholm region. Cooperations like that will gain the tourism all over Sweden.

During 2010 the turnover of the Swedish tourism was above 250 billion SEK, of which 87 billion where foreign visitors. The profit of the tourism is about 20 % of the export of services. More than 10 million visitors from all around the world come to Stockholm every year. The government and the total business of tourism have a mutual, national strategy. The objective is to double the turnover and value of export within the sector of tourism.
To reach this goal we have to increase the accessibility through more beds and direct services,  increase the global marketing efforts, create new financing services and ensure to be good hosts.
Stockholm is an important travelling destination in itself, but also a gate to Sweden. Therefore the accessibility, most importantly the direct flight services, is of major importance. An old fashioned state of environment has caused an unsureness regarding the plans of modernizing  the Arlanda Airport, which however is a situation we expect to be resolved. It would be unreasonable if the ambitions to increase the tourism would fail because of capacity problems within the flight services to and from our country.
Also the business – and conference travellers access to Bromma airport is an important condition. Arlanda and Bromma complete each other as links to the increasely attractive area of Stockholm.                

To reach the goal the city of Stockholm and the communities of the region must enable the building of new hotels, bed & breakfasts and campings. Until 2020 at least 1 500 more hotel rooms than planned for will be needed. Together we need to increase our ability to clarify the society value of investments in Stockholm as a city of events. Just as new rail tracks and roads are good for the economy of Sweden, the same goes for other types of infrastructure.
To achieve the development objective before 2020, efforts will be needed continuously from specific companies aswell as on different political levels. The businesses need to have the courage to invest in projects beyond the usual. Victoria Tower is one example. It will be a landmark for Stockholm and contributes in an important way to the development and attractiveness of the Kista-area. It however required a Norwegian investor with visions to bring it to life. It is actions of this character that are needed, preferably in cooperation with each other. The Stockholm Photography Museum is another excellent example of a privately financed investment of the business industry. It is of major importance that all parts of the city of Stockholm have a positive impression of companies within tourism that want to establish or increase their activities.

Contact information:
Ulla Hamilton, City Commissioner (M) and chairman of Stockholm Business Region             
Anders Ehrling, President and Chief Executive Officer, Scandic Hotels


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