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Scandic’s long-time “assistance dog” retires


Ada will be “well looked after out in the country”

Ada the assistance dog, who has been helping Scandic’s accessibility director Magnus Berglund since 2002, has retired after 11 years of service. Her last day in the office was May 31.
Magnus Berglund himself has a disability, which means he needs help with everyday tasks. Over the years Ada has become popular among guests and team members and has attracted more media coverage than anyone else at Scandic.
The accessibility director regularly lectures around the world and Ada stays with him wherever he goes, resulting in hundreds of flights. She is the only dog to have a SAS gold card.
Ada will, Scandic’s chief executive Anders Ehrling assures, be “well looked after by Magnus’s parents out in the country, where she can take it easy.” Her successor is called Dixie, who will start work in July.
TTG Nordic
[photo courtesy Scandic]


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