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SAS’s Swedish pilots say they will strike


Talks fail between SAS and Swedish pilots’ union
Swedish pilots gave a shock announcement this morning – that they would launch strikes from May 21. The news comes after negotiations between SAS and pilot union SPF broke down yesterday.
Discussions mostly concern the defence jobs and pilots’ career opportunities at SAS, but the union admitted that the talks had been complicated.
“We have many unsolved questions in many areas that are important to us,” Peter Larsson, chairman of the SPF (Svensk pilotförening) union’s SAS department, said. “The parties have for some time been far apart on these issues and we don’t see that the negotiations are going anywhere.”
The airline aims to simplify its currently contracts and wants more flexibility to bring in seasonal workers. Current staffing levels at the airline remain high all year round. SAS made a deal on the issue with Danish pilots in March and now wants to sign similar agreements with Swedish and Norwegian pilots.
TT / The Local
[image courtesy SAS]


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