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SAS wants more flights to Japan


Airline wants to add Tokyo Haneda to Narita

Representatives from Sweden, Denmark and Norway will begin discussions with the Japanese government on October 10-11 on updating an aviation agreement dating from 1953. On the table is a request from SAS to be able to fly to Tokyo’s Haneda airport as well as the international-oriented Narita airport, where it has been flying to until now. Haneda is largely a hub for domestic traffic in Japan and British Airways is the only European airline to fly there.
“Demand for Japan will grow over time, so we may need more frequencies than the seven we have today from Copenhagen. We miss getting to operate at Haneda airport,” says Simon Pauck Hansen, SAS vice president partners. He stresses the need for more flexibility in the agreement so that it is up to SAS and other operators how to commercially exploit this flexibility.
The current aviation agreement gives Japan 18 frequencies a week to Scandinavia, a total not currently reached. Scandinavia is entitled to the same number, but the highest is seven per individual route, meaning that the maximum is already in place between Copenhagen and Tokyo. The agreement also provides access to Osaka, Fukuoka and Okinawa. Japanese operators can fly to all points in Scandinavia.
[photo courtesy SAS]


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