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SAS to launch long-haul from Stockholm, Oslo


Could CPH’s role as main base for long-haul be in the past?

SAS ended its statement on its disappointing second-quarter results by revealing that it would launch long-haul routes to the US and Asia from Stockholm and Oslo next year. The announcement could signal a break with tradition, as the company has always used Copenhagen as the main base for long-haul traffic.

“With the cost measures being implemented, we see an opportunity to further strengthen the offering to Scandinavia’s frequent travellers through initiatives including expanding the SAS intercontinental offering,” said Rickard Gustafson, SAS president and CEO. “We are planning new direct routes from Oslo and Stockholm to North America and Asia, starting in autumn 2015.”

At the moment Stockholm has just two such routes, to New York and Chicago, while Oslo has only New York. But, financed by cost cuts being implemented by SAS, this fundamental pillar in the SAS structure may be about to shift.

Jyllands-Posten / TTG Nordic

[photo courtesy SAS]


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