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SAS records highest load factor in single month


SAS releases traffic figures, competition still intense
SAS carried 2.6 million passengers in July. The airline stats ASK (airline seat kilometres) and RPK (revenue passenger kilometres) remain virtually unchanged, but the big news is that the load factor increased by 0.4% to 86.9%, the highest recorded load factor in a single month for SAS.
“Market conditions in Scandinavia have temporarily stabilised and the balance between capacity and demand has improved in comparison with 2014. However, the competition remains very intensive in certain markets,” the airline said in a statement.
SAS says its strategy is to focus on Scandinavia’s frequent travellers. During the summer months the travel pattern amongst frequent fliers is changing towards more leisure-oriented destinations.
In response it has opened 47 seasonal routes. Demand “responded well” to and from Denmark and Sweden, growing by 3.5% combined with higher load factors. SAS’s total scheduled number of passengers also grew by 0.8%.
Scheduled traffic (RPK) was unchanged and total capacity (ASK) was reduced by 0.5%, according to the new figures. Scheduled capacity was decreased 0.5%, which resulted in the higher load factor of 86.9%.
Intercontinental capacity increased by 0.6% but traffic was down 0.9%. Capacity on European and Scandinavian routes was up by 1.7%, traffic up by 0.3%. Swedish domestic traffic was up 1% and capacity up 3.1%.
In June, the currency-adjusted yield and PASK were up 4.8% and 1.0% respectively. The nominal yield and PASK were up 7.9% and 4.0%, respectively.
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