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SAS plane in emergency landing


Oslo-bound flight quickly returns to Munich
A SAS flight taking off from Munich to Oslo has been forced to return and make an emergency landing due to an engine malfunction. As flight SK4760, a Boeing 737-76N, struggled to climb, passengers soon realised there was a problem.
“Just after take-off it seemed as though the plane dropped quite a lot. We jumped and realised that something was not as it should be,” one of the passengers, Camilla Sylling Clausen, told Norwegian broadcaster NRK.
A few minutes later, the captain announced that one of the aircraft’s engines had stopped working.
“A very friendly captain said it would be a normal landing. It felt a bit wobbly, but we landed safely,” Clausen said.
Fredrik Henriksson, a press officer at SAS, said, “The decision was made to shut the engine down, as is standard procedure in such situations, and return to the airport.”
NRK / The Local


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