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SAS pilots take sick leave in protest


Pilots take sick leave resulting in cancellations

Pilots at SAS are taking sick leave, in protest at how the airline is handling part of an agreement relating to a list indicating order of promotion.

Press reports are claiming that Danish pilots now have the edge over Swedish pilots as SAS has decided to deviate from the previous order. Swedish pilots say the Scandinavian airline wants to avoid putting too many Swedish personnel on long-haul flights from Copenhagen because it would be too expensive. Instead it is favouring Danish staff.

“Until now, everyone felt safe that their employment opportunities would progress,” said an anonymous SAS pilot, who explained that employees’ previous loyalty to the airline was now under threat. “Now SAS chooses to violate Section 4 and is giving away promotions to Denmark. People are worried about their jobs and cannot sleep at night – and are becoming unfit for flying.”

SAS has confirmed an increased number of personnel taking sick leave and that several flights have been cancelled. It is conducting negotiations on the list.

TTG Nordic

[photo courtesy SAS]


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