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SAS launches 34 new summer 2014 routes


New routes are mostly destinations in Mediterranean

Today SAS is announcing 34 new peak summer routes for the summer 2014 timetable. The airline will offer direct flights to new leisure destinations from all of the main airports and a number of regional airports in Scandinavia.

The new summer routes are mainly destinations in the Mediterranean area, reflecting what SAS says is demand from its customers to be able to choose direct flights operated by the carrier when going on holiday.

Some of the new destinations are Bastia on Corsica, the “surfers’ paradise” Biarritz and the Croatian destinations Split and Pula. New routes to Pisa and Venice mean that SAS will fly to 10 destinations in Italy, more than any other airline in Scandinavia.

In 2013, SAS launched more than 50 new domestic and European routes as well as Copenhagen-San Francisco. The airline says that with the announcement today, adding a total of more than 40 new routes for 2014, SAS has launched nearly 100 routes in the past two years. The new routes will be on sale gradually from today.


New routes from Sweden

Stockholm to: Pisa (21 Jun-9 Aug), Olbia (21 Jun-9 Aug), Napoli (21 Jun-9 Aug), Chania (24 Jun-14 Aug), Bristol (30 Jun-15 Aug), Sarajevo (21 Jun-30 Aug), Bastia (26 Jun-7 Aug), Biarritz 24 Jun-8 Aug), Bodö (29 Jun-17 Aug)

Gothenburg to: Palma de Mallorca (2 Jul-13 Aug), Athens (1 Jul-5 Aug), Alicante (30 Jun-1 Nov), Pula 1 Jul – 5 Aug), Berlin (30 Jun-15 Aug)


New routes from Norway

Oslo to: Olbia (4 Jul-8 Aug), Venice (2 Jul-6 Aug), Pisa (28 Jun-9 Aug), Larnaca (1 Jul-12 Aug), Biarritz (1 Jul-12 Aug) Kristiansand to: Split (3 Jul-7 Aug)

Stavanger to: Alanya (2 Jul-6 Aug)

Bergen to: Alanya (2 Jul-6 Aug), Billund (28 Jun-16 Aug)


New routes from Denmark

Copenhagen to: Pisa (28 Jun-9 Aug), Napoli (1 Jul-7 Aug), Faro (2 Jul-6 Aug), Chania (30 Jun-11 Aug), Bastia (2 Jul-6 Aug), Montpellier (28 Jun-9 Aug)

Billund to: Alanya (3 Jul-7 Aug), Split (2 Jul-6 Aug), Nice (2 Jul-6 Aug)

Aalborg to: Split (1 Jul-5 Aug), Nice (1 Jul-5 Aug)

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