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SAS is now cheapest on some routes


Some SAS tickets now cheaper than Norwegian

SAS has the cheapest tickets to a number of destinations in Europe, new figures reveal, putting it on the same level as its low-cost competitors. The airline has the least expensive fares on seven of the 29 routes studied in the latest Svenskt Flygprisindex, a Swedish fare index published by the travel website Travelmarket.se.
SAS has radically lowered both its costs and its ticket prices since it recently returned from the verge of bankruptcy.
“There are indications that SAS has succeeded in lowering its costs with new routes and competitive agreements,” Ole Stouby, Travelmarket.se’s chief executive, said. “That’s going to benefit consumers in the long run, as low-cost airlines will hardly sit idly by when they see that SAS is trying to regain lost market share.”
Prague is an example of a route where SAS ticket prices are now the cheapest on offer, averaging at 10% less than Norwegian’s prices.
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