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SAS increases baggage fees again


Extra luggage will cost 17% more from August 28

SAS is again raising its baggage fees. Extra baggage will cost 17% more from August 28.

For Danes for example, passengers with cheaper seats must now pay DKK 525 (€70) for extra baggage beyond the 23kg included in the ticket price, up from DKK 450 (€60).

SAS had previously increased the price to DKK 525, but when the company changed the program’s name and structure the price fell back to DKK 450. However, according to SAS it could not stay at this level.

“The new price was under market level, so we are increasing the fee again,” Trine Kromann-Mikkelsen, the airline’s public relations officer, tells DR News. “This is not to prevent passengers from taking baggage. We also fly with cargo, so it’s not about trying to get lighter planes.”

The new fees do not apply for intercontinental flights.


[photo courtesy SAS]


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