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SAS gets world’s first IATA platinum award


Passengers get over 80% of self-service options

SAS has announced that it is the first airline in the world to achieve IATA Fast Travel Award Platinum status. This means it offers over 80% of IATA’s selected self-service options to its passengers throughout the journey.
IATA has a target of 80% of all the world’s air passengers having the opportunity to choose self-service options during their trip by the year 2020. This means that passengers will be offered a range of options in order to create a simpler and faster flow through the processes involved in taking a flight.
Philip Wågnert, head of product and development at SAS: “We are actively working to constantly improve and develop solutions that make it easier and more convenient for our passengers throughout their journey. This award is a clear acknowledgment that we are an airline at the forefront of time-saving solutions.”
TTG Nordic
[photo courtesy SAS]


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