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SAS flight almost collided with Russian spy plane


Copenhagen-Rome flight within 90 metres of Ilyushin

The increase in activity of the Russian armed forces is having a potentially dangerous impact on Scandinavian airspace. A SAS aircraft had to take fast evasive action in March to avoid colliding with a Russian spy plane near the Swedish coastline.

The incident happened on March 3, about 50km south of Malmö, according to a Sveriges Television report broadcast yesterday.

The SAS plane, flying from Copenhagen to Rome, and the Ilyushin military aircraft plane, used for signals surveillance reportedly passed within just 90 metres of each other.

But the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority has decided not to investigate the incident further.

“We have let the matter go,” Jens Olsson from the authority told news agency TT. “Firstly the incident occurred over international waters, moreover the plane was Danish registered. This means that it is outside our area of responsibility.”

The Local / TT

[pictured: Ilyushin similar to the one in the story, pictured in 2006; photo by Harald Rossa]


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