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SAS dumps tons of paper in cockpits


SAS introduce use of tablet computers in cockpits


SAS is introducing the use of tablet computers in its cockpits, removing some 44 kilos of paper from every aircraft in the fleet.  The “paperless cockpits” supposedly will save millions in the loss making Scandinavian airline.

By investing in a total of some 1.600 iPad tablets, SAS introduces the “Electronic Flight Bag” containing all the necessary information, pilots use during a working schedule.

“We estimate that we can reduce our costs with a significant annual amount because of the reduced starting weight of our aircraft”, project manager in SAS, Ellen Holven says to Norwegian media.

SAS emphasizes that even though Flight Bags will be electronic in the future, the airline has not compromised safety. Should an iPad be lost or stolen, the contents can be deleted by a server and all relevant information downloaded onto another unit.

The paperless cockpit is not a new invention; SAS’ main competitor, Norwegian, has used the concept for the past two years, and also major airlines such as Lufthansa has integrated tablet computers in their fleet.


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