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SAS crews sicker than ever before


Sickness absence at record highs since agreement

Sickness absence among cabin crew at SAS has risen to record highs, currently between 30 and 40%. The figure is way above normal for the season, confirms Helge Thuesen, president of the cabin staff union CAU, to DR.dk
“Of course it has been due to bad weather in the past, and this is a contributing factor. But people are also very concerned by the conditions of our agreement. The staff have been under enormous psychological pressure and there is still a lot of anger about the process among employees. Where there once was a willingness to go to work when you had a cold, now you stay at home. People think more about their health than before,” Thuesen said.
Normally the pinnacle for sick leave is reached in February when the airline typically has about 100 personnel on sick leave per day. During the summer months the figure is lower, at about 80 per day. But since SAS management and CAU completed their negotiations on a new framework agreement, on November 19, the daily number of sick days has ranged between 130 and 140, according to CAU.
[photo courtesy SAS]


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