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San Marino – the oldest republic in the world


Although completely surrounded by Italy, San Marino is an independent and the world’s smallest republic.

It can be easily reached by bus from Rimini or you can take the aerial tram from nearby Borgo Maggiore. Don’t worry about visas or entry requirements because border control is practically nonexistent here. However, for novelty’s sake, you can have your passport stamped at the tourist information office for a fee.

San Marino is well worth the visit. There are many attractions once you cross the border. San Marino, the capital city of similarly named republic, is a popular day trip destination from neighboring Italian cities, Rimini in particular. It is strategically located on top of Monte Titano, the highest peak in the country. When you get there, expect to find a horde of tourists and a long line of souvenir stalls flanking its winding cobblestone street. However, do not let this discourage you. This very small republic offers spectacular views, rich historical heritage and impressive architecture which make it a must-visit destination.

The walled city is made for walking. It is small and has many surprises to discover. A lot of historical attractions and the splendid panorama of the picturesque valley of Emilia Romagna and the rolling hills of Montefeltro will keep you company all the way. For the best views in the area, climb the towering Castello della Cesta where you will find not only an interesting small museum of antique armory to explore but also the stunning views of Rimini and the sparkling Adriatic coast.

One of the highlights of San Marino is the three soaring fortresses dominating the skyline of the walled city. The most impressive of these fortresses is La Rocca also known as the First Tower or the Guaita which was built by carving it out of the face of the mountain. It dates back to the 11th century, making it the oldest defensive tower on site. The Cesta, as mentioned earlier, is the highest of the three towers and also home to the San Marino Museum of Antique Weapons.

To learn more about the history of San Marino, explore the vast collection of exhibits in the State Museum or Museo di Stato. The museum displays archaeological artifacts dating from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages, works of art by Italian masters, ancient San Marino coins as well as some Egyptian, Etruscan and Roman relics, to name a few. You also want to visit other nearby attractions such as the Palazzo Publico, Basilica del Santo, and the oldest structure located here – the Church of San Francesco.

Witnessing the changing of the guard ceremony at the Guardia di Rocca is also an interesting way to spend your time in San Marino. These guards stand at attention with austere and rigid expressions. This posture is not easy to maintain, which is good for you because you will not have to wait for long – every 30 minutes – to enjoy the ceremony.

Love cars? Then you are in for a treat because the country is also famous for the San Marino Grand Prix. Although this world-renowned event does not actually happen in the city because of its diminutive size, you can always visit the San Marino Car Museum and discover an extraordinary collection of more than 100 vintage racing cars. The beauties it has on display will surely make the day for auto enthusiasts and historians.

These are just some of the attractions you can experience and enjoy in the walled city. For such a small area, San Marino certainly packs a punch for visiting tourists.

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