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Ryanair to Swedes: find your own way home


Passengers in Croatia return home via Trieste and Venice

Passengers in Rijeka on the Croatian coast, waiting for their Ryanair flight home to Stockholm via Skavsta airport on Friday, were told the flight had been cancelled because the wind was too strong. Yet two hours later the plane took off anyway, without any passengers on board. Passengers on the ground had no choice but to find their own way home using other modes of transport. One Swedish family from Nyköping was forced to take a taxi across Slovenia to Trieste in Italy, from where they got a train to Venice Traviso Airport where they stayed the night, then a flight the next morning to Sweden. They are now trying to reclaim the SEK 8,000 the return trip cost them from Ryanair. The Swedish Consumer Agency is backing the family up.
“One has the right to demand help with transfers and rebooking, and if it comes to this kind of time span you have also the right to food and housing,” a spokeswoman at the agency said.
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