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Ryanair “slave contract” case settled


Landmark case in Norway in favour of former stewardess
A landmark case in Norway between Ryanair and a former flight attendant who described the airline’s working conditions as a “slave contract” has been settled.
At the end of a highly publicised four-year case, Ryanair agreed to pay NOK 570,000 (€64,000) to Alessandra Cocca, who claimed she had been wrongly dismissed.
The Italian stewardess fought to get her case heard in Norway where she was based – a country where employee protection is much stronger than in Ireland, where the airline is headquartered. And it had been heard in the Norwegian courts before.
“After two court rounds, we’re now ready to settle this issue,” Christen Horn, lawyer for the labour union Parat, said of the settlement, which he said reached the equivalent of around three of Cocca’s annual Ryanair salaries.
Vegard Einan, spokesman for Parat, declared that the outcome was a “victory for all workers in Norway”.
“A number of sectors, with the airline industry at the helm, are in the midst of becoming internationalised. In many areas, the free flow of capital and labour is positive, but our mission as a powerful union is to protect the rights of workers based in Norway,” he told news agency NTB.
“This case has confirmed that that international companies which wish to operate in Norway cannot escape from their obligations, like Ryanair tried to in this case.”
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