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Ryanair returns to GDS with Travelport deal


Ryanair to appear on Galileo and Worldspan from April

Ryanair is to appear on Galileo and Worldspan from April 2 following a deal with Travelport. The decision is a turnaround for Ryanair, which had always denied it would make such a move.

Ryanair and Travelport, owner of Galileo and Worldspan, have signed a deal for an undisclosed number of years. But although the airline described it as a hugely important partnership for travel agencies, there is a break-clause in the deal after one year.

Ryanair’s chief marketing officer Kenny Jacobs said the decision was indicative of the carrier entering a new era. It would play a substantial part in raising passenger numbers from the current 81.5 million to 110 million in the next few years.

“This partnership with Travelport is a significant development for Ryanair and for businesses across Europe and beyond as we continue to evolve our business offering,” he said.

Putting the airline back onto GDSs after an absence of a decade will be followed by the introduction of a business traveller package. Around 19 million Ryanair passengers, or 22%, are travelling on business.

“With this partnership we can double the quantity,” Jacobs said. “I would probably say this would take us two years.”

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