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Ryanair fined again for unclear pricing


Second fine in a month from regulators in Europe

Ryanair says it will appeal against a fine of around €415,000 imposed by the Italian competition authority Codacons because of a lack of pricing clarity on its website.
The regulator said that the low-cost carrier was not showing a clear flight price at the start of the booking procedure. Ryanair’s introduction of a 2% credit card fee is excessive, the authority said, and it appears too late in the booking process.
A report in the British newspaper The Telegraph quotes Codacons as saying that prices must be “clearly and fully indicated from the very first contact with the consumer in such a way as to make the final price immediately clear. The commission costs for buying with credit cards are very high and are kept hidden by some airlines until the last moment.”
The fine comes a month after Ryanair was fined about €390,000 by Dutch consumer authorities over similar issues. In the UK, by contrast, following pressure from consumers and the authorities, the airline now gives consumers a total price as soon as a flight search is made.
The Telegraph / TTG Digital


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