Home News Ryanair deleted data on Sweden emergency: report

Ryanair deleted data on Sweden emergency: report


Swedish Accident Investigation Authority makes accusations

The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority, or Statens Haverikommission, has accused the low-cost carrier Ryanair of deleting the data from the black box of a plane forced into an emergency landing at Skavsta Airport near Stockholm in April 2011, according to its report on the incident.

“On this occasion it [the investigation] went fine without the recordings, but on another occasion perhaps it would not. It is unfortunate if data disappears,” the authority’s Stefan Christiansson told the newspaper Södermanlands Nyheter.

Someone at the airline made sure the information never reached the investigators, the report alleges.

The incident happened when a Boeing 737 taking off for Paris with 179 people on board suffered electrical failure. The airline has said the incident was not serious, but the investigators disagree.

TT/The Local

[pictured: Ryanair Boeing 737-800, marked Nykoping, takes off from London Luton, UK]


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