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Ryanair “contract of slavery” detailed


LCC faces widespread calls for boycott in Norway

Ryanair is facing increasing calls in Norway for a widespread boycott of its flights. Two former cabin crew members are suing the no-frills carrier for unfair dismissal, leading the country’s Parat union to describe their terms and conditions as “a contract of slavery”. The former crew say there was a “culture of fear” at the carrier.
Ryanair leases crews in Norway from agencies employing them on Irish contracts. According to Norwegian media, these contracts state, among other things, that employees had to pay for their own training and uniforms; employment could be terminated at any time, with 0-14 days’ notice; crew had to pay a €200 fee if they chose to resign in the first 15 months; and pay was set at the equivalent of $21 an hour in flight, with no extra pay for weekends or holidays.
Additionally in the contract there was no sick pay; crew had to take at least four weeks’ unpaid leave a year, though they were entitled to 20 days’ holiday, booked far in advance but subject to cancellation if Ryanair wanted the staff to work; crew were required to be on standby for work without payment with an hour’s notice; and union action participation could result in immediate dismissal.
Ryanair insists the pair are making “false claims”.
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