Home News Romantic getaways not always a good idea

Romantic getaways not always a good idea


BA study says average woman needs eight days’ notice

Most women do not like romantic travel breaks meant as surprises by their husbands or boyfriends, a new study says. Planning makes perfect, six out of ten women said in the research, commissioned by British Airways, as the average woman in the UK needs eight days’ notice to prepare, from sorting out work to cancelling arrangements to planning clothes and packing. The survey finds that at least nine outfits are essential for any short break.
However, an unhappy four in ten confessed that a romantic trip away “just wouldn’t cross their partner’s minds”. Many said that, to their partner, “being spontaneous meant deciding to have a takeaway”.
Abigail Comber, head of brands at British Airways, said: “The results emphasise the level of importance women place on getting the preparation before a trip exactly right. […] The enjoyment of going away is enhanced if they feel they’ve been given enough time to get excited and can leave knowing things will be OK while they’re gone.”
The Daily Telegraph
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