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Rock star tried to save failing airline in Norway


Lead singer of Iron Maiden tried to save FlyNonStop

Bruce Dickinson, a keen pilot and formerly lead singer of heavy rock band Iron Maiden, tried to save the small Norwegian airline FlyNonStop hours after the company went bankrupt, the carrier’s former owner has revealed.

Dickinson approached Espen Hennig-Olsen in autumn 2013 with a business proposal of alternative solutions for the unprofitable Kristiansand-based airline.

“We gotta fix this!” the 56-year-old English musician is reported to have told Hennig-Olsen over the phone. The two men had never previously met or spoken. But Hennig-Olsen is known to be a rock fan and the two have since become friends.

Hennig-Olsen recalled: “[Bruce] thought our airplanes were too expensive and wanted to offer us cheaper planes” of the same the size, traffic basis and concept. But the proposal came too late as bankruptcy had just been declared.

The Local / NTB

[image courtesy Flynonstop]


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