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Robots begin to appear in travel industry


Robots help at check-in and deliver items to guest rooms

The days of seeing robots delivering bath towels to hotel guests or mixing margaritas on cruise ships seem to be coming closer to reality. At Starwood’s Aloft Hotels, for example, a robot called Boltr is helping at check-in and delivering items to guest rooms.

“This is another example of how hoteliers explore and experiment with new ways to meet our guests’ needs,” a spokesperson for the American Hotel & Lodging Industry said. It’s also great PR.

Royal Caribbean is employing robot bartenders on its newest ship Quantum of the Seas.

But robots don’t make much sense at hotels where personalised service is key. They might be better used at brands like Holiday Inn Express, a robotics expert suggests

Start-up tech company Anybots is experimenting at replacing receptionists with robots and live-cams monitored by staff members, while a Roboceptionist at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University helps visitors find their way around.



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