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Ristorante Massimo D’azeglio part of Bettoja Hotels of Rome


Ristorante Massimo d’Azeglio in the Hotel Massimo D’azeglio, one of the four Bettoja Hotels in Rome, has been inducted into the Association of Historical Places of Excellence in Rome.  This is a prestigious appointment requiring very high standards set by the Rome Capitale. In the center of Rome, these shops are “historical”, recognized by the association as part of the city’s heritage. 

Premises often have original antique furnishings, shop windows and signs of the past, and considerable architectural merit. These historic shops of excellence are an important element of the urban fabric and continue the fine traditions that are in danger of disappearing. Ristorante Massimo d’Azeglio   has indeed a long history and fascinating story: in 1875 Maurizio Bettoja bought the building’s ground floor which housed various stores as well as a long-established restaurant and wine cellar.

For over a century the same Bettoja family has been overseeing the restaurant, now one of Rome’s leading dining places where traditional Italian cuisine reigns supreme. Splendid antique mahogany boiseries clad the walls, classic black-leather banquettes create intimate spaces around the tables, while a collection of Risorgimento paintings and prints – including Massimo d’Azeglio’s self-portrait and three of his drawings – underline the theme of the restaurant.

The Massimo D’Azeglio’s maitre’d takes diners on a delicious gastronomic journey that changes daily according to the season. The menu contains a selection of specialties, traditional dishes, highly appreciated by lovers of the classic culinary art and require passion and skill to prepare.

Also famous throughout Rome and Italy is Massimo D’Azeglio’s historic cellar “Cantina”; a grotto under the restaurant housing a collection of thousands of fine Italian and French wines some which date back to the early 1900.  The Cantina is the backdrop for unforgettable wine-tastings and candlelit suppers.

Once the Massimo D’Azeglio was established, the Bettoja family became involved  and Maurizio’s son Angelo realized that the restaurant’s position was ideal for a hotel.  In 1878, after hiring a hotel manager and staff, he converted the building above to an inn.  Over the years, it has lodged both Italian and foreign guests in a palazzo that has kept its fin-de-siècle feeling and style.The exterior has preserved its original “Umbertine” façade.

Soon the Bettoja’s added three more hotels,  Hotel Mediterraneo, Atlantico and Nord,  all based on the tradition and excellence of the original Massimo D’Azeglio and still, to this day, run by the family.


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