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Rio 2016 Olympics to be “fit, clean and fun”


Organizing committee says Games will be on time and on budget
Rio de Janeiro will deliver a “fit, clean and fun” Olympic Games – on time and on budget. So insisted the deputy chief executive of the Rio 2016 organizing committee as tickets went on sale, adding that lessons had been learned from the 2014 World Cup.
“I think the great lesson for Brazil from the World Cup is the key role of planning,” said Leonardo Gryner. “Compare the two projects: the Olympics was very comprehensively planned from the beginning because it is required by the IOC […] in the World Cup they don’t require that.”
He assured that the Games would be “fit, clean and fun. Clean meaning being ethical. Fit that we are doing what is needed and nothing else. That will show that many cities can host the Olympics without overspending.”
Mostly the Games will be staged in existing or temporary venues, with only six of the 28 sports taking place at completely new sites. Instead of a grand Olympic Stadium, the famous Maracana will host the opening and closing ceremonies plus the football. Estadio Olimpico Joao Havelange, home of the Botafogo sports club, will also be a major site.
The Guardian
[pictured: Estadio Olimpico Joao Havelange in 2007; photo by Dodoedo, Creative Commons license]


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