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Riga Opera Festival 2016. Viva Verdi! (June 1-12, 2016)

The Riga Opera Festival, founded in 1998 as the first festival of its size and scale in Eastern Europe, has already become a valuable tradition.
The festival is highly anticipated by both Latvian audiences and opera-lovers from abroad. Every summer, the festival marks the end of the Latvian National Opera’s performance season. Festival of 2016 will be dedicated to one composer only – to musical genius, Italian Romantic Giuseppe Verdi.
June 01 Wed  Rigoletto
June 02 Thu La traviata
June 03 Fri Macbeth
June 04Sat Aida
June 05 Sun  Il trovatore
June 08 Wed  Il trovatore
June 09 Thu  Rigoletto
June 10 Fri  La traviata
June 11 Sat  Macbeth
June 12 Sun  GALA CONCERT „Viva Verdi”
Opera in four acts
Conductor Martinš Ozolinš
Stage Director Mara Kimele
Set, Costume Designer Ilmars Blumbergs
Starring – Aleksandrs Antonenko, Liene Kinca, Olesya Petrova, Samsons Izjumovs.
Conductor – Gintaras Rinkievicius.
Verdi’s late work is one of the masterpieces of opera history – light and darkness, love and hate, triumph and defeat, hope and death all stand alongside one another. For more than 140 years, the love story of an Ethiopian princess and an Egyptian military commander has been reborn, time and again, in opera theatres all over the world – proving the victory of life’s highest power: Love. This production, designed by the outstanding Latvian artist Ilmars Blumbergs, resembles a giant painting, the colours and shapes of which evoke the majesty of Ancient Egypt.
Opera in three acts
Conductor Martinš Ozolinš
Stage Director Margo Zalite
Set Designer Aída-Leonor Guardia
Costume Designer Liene Dobraja
The cynical jester of the dissolute hedonist duke has a secret – his beloved daughter Gilda. The duke, for whom sanctity does not exist, seduces young maiden. Deeply hurt, her father’s revenge turns back on himself… Opera Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi earned resounding success already in its Venice premiere in 1851 and love of the public has only increased ever since, elevating this masterpiece into the ranks of the most recognized operas of the world. This staging of Rigoletto presented opera director Margo Zalite, master’s program graduate from Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin, to our opera audiences.
Opera in three acts
Conductor Tadeusz Wojchiechowski
Stage Director Andrejs Žagars
Set Designer Andris Freibergs
Costume Designer Kristine Pasternaka
The celebrated courtesan Violetta Valery does not believe in true love. This changes when she meets the young and passionate Alfredo. But the lovers’ happiness is cut short by the hypocritical moral standards of society. The production of Verdi’s beloved opera is set in the early 1950s in Paris – a time and place when the world feverishly craved pleasure, shallow entertainment, and luxury.
Opera in three acts
Conductors Aleksandrs Vilumanis, Janis Liepinš
Stage Director Andrejs Žagars
Set Designer Reinis Dzudzilo
Costume Designer Kristine Pasternaka
The gypsy woman Azucena, whose mother was burned at the stake, wants to to take revenge on Count Luna for all she has suffered. She kidnaps one of the Count’s sons and raises him as her own, all the while plotting her revenge. Many years later, Manriko, the troubador raised by gypsies, doesn’t realize that his greatest opponent in the race to capture the heart of the woman he loves is his own brother – the young Count Luna… The production takes place in Latvia just after the World War I, during the War of Independence.
Opera in four acts
Music Director and Conductor Martinš Ozolinš
Stage Director Viesturs Meikšans
Set Designer Reinis Suhanovs
The victorious war general Macbeth listens to the prophesies of three witches, who say he will one day be king of Scotland. Macbeth and his wife are overcome by an unvontrollable desire for power, but the road to the throne is bathed in blood and leads only to insanity and death… Macbeth is Giuseppe Verdi’s tenth opera and his first to be inspired by William Shakespeare – whose Macbeth Verdi had loved since his youth. Some will recognize director Viesturs Meikšans and scenographer Reinis Suhanovs for their new production of Kristaps Petersons’ opera-lecture Mikhail and Mikhail Play Chess, which received numerous awards.


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