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Reunion Island professionals take to the trails of Mafate


Reunion Island Tourism (IRT) establishes each year, two educational hiking tour hiking destinations for local tourism professionals. The program is a discovery of accommodation structures and hiking trails in Mafate.

The Tourist Office Intercommunal Nord (North OTI), the Tourist Office of the Entre-Deux, the Tourist Office Intercommunal West (OTI West), Maison du Sud Sauvage, and the Reunion Tourism Federation (FRT), accompanied by mountain guide Jean-Yves Hervet and two service representatives networking with the IRT, went to Mafate via the Col des bullocks.

The walk lasted two days to allow participants to explore the trails and tourist establishments. The Col des Ox group went to Marla to visit the houses of Yolande Hoare, Caesar Menrique, and Three Rocks.

The next day, they headed towards the New Etheve gateway. After five hours of walking, these professionals discovered the Mafate relay, the Oreo cottage, and the Gravina Yvon Tamareo. By late morning, they started to climb up to the Plaine des Tamarins. After the effort, comfort was the reward as the hikers had time to recuperate over a picnic before returning to the Col des Oxen to Salazie.

Through this journey of discovery, the IRT intends to provide a better understanding of tourism products, including hiking, to Reunion professionals. A second eductour will be held later in the year.

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