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Reunion Island announces travel contest


Reunion Island Tourism (IRT) is organizing a contest entitled “Become Dalon Reunion” in partnership with airport operator Airport Reunion Roland Garros (SA ARRG). This game, based on a system of sponsorship, will run from Thursday, March 20, 2014 until Friday, March 20, 2015.

In an effort to publicize Reunion Island to greater numbers, the IRT has expanded the concept of ambassadors to the public. Reunion residents, tourists visiting the island, men, women, parents, and students are all potential prescribers of the island. The objective of this competition is to promote destination meetings through the concept of “Dalons,” which is based on the logic of a powerful form of communication – word of mouth.

“Become Dalon Reunion” is a contest with no purchase necessary and is open to passengers departing from Reunion Island (both residents and non-residents). Four draws will be held with the main prize being an airline ticket to Paris.

The game is based on a simple system of sponsorship. A traveler from Reunion Island (the sponsor) may collect a brochure at the Roland Garros airport that s/he will give to his/her “godchildren.” The goal for the sponsor is to encourage family and friends to join the reunion.fr webpage. Once registered on the site, the godchildren will receive an activation email to participate. In turn, the sponsor will be informed by email of the registration of the godchild. The more the referrals, the greater the chances of winning, with a limit of 100 referrals per sponsor. The sponsor may opt to enjoy his/her ticket or offer it to one of the godchildren.

This technique, which is to involve the visitor in a process of finding new prospects, aims to retain travelers to Reunion Island.

Brochures will be available in the registration lobby of the airport, at the reception desk, as well as at boarding area displays. Participants can also register by simply flashing the QR code on the prospectus. The game will also be available directly on the website www.reunion.fr


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