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Report calls for greater travel security


Worry about terror attacks far outweighs other risks
Travel sales and media company Travelzoo is calling for a security ‘kitemark’ system following the Tunisia inquests in London. The deals publisher also published a new academic report on travel safety.
The white paper, called State of Play: The Impact of Geopolitical Events on International Tourism in 2017, includes research in nine countries.
Throughout the inquest, it had been reported some families of the victims said their relatives would not have gone to Tunisia if they had been aware of the UK’s Foreign Office travel warnings following an attack on the Bardo Museum three months earlier.
“If it can be done with blue flags to tell us how clean beaches are, or certificates to let us know how environmentally friendly destinations are, then a kitemark system is certainly feasible to demonstrate how safe a destination, hotel or airport is,” said Dr Yeganeh Morakabati, one of the paper’s contributors.
The white paper found that for 97% of people safety and security is the top concern when choosing a holiday destination. Worry about terror attacks far outweighs risk of disease, local crime and natural disaster.
A third of 35 European hotels Travelzoo spoke to believe a kitemark system should be implemented.
Many think the idea would help with consumer confidence. In talking to city hotels across Germany, Spain and the UK, Travelzoo found just half of UK hotels have a dedicated member of staff responsible for guests’ security but in Germany over 80% of hotels have this.
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