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Relaxing holidays beat active ones


Global survey maps preferences by nationality, gender, age
Around 60% of respondents in a new worldwide online survey covering 17 countries say they prefer a relaxing holiday, while about a third want lots of activity.
The poll by market research firm GfK asked 22,000 internet users aged 15 and older, finding that 59% of tourists prefer to chill out and unwind during their holiday, and 35% prefer an active vacation where they do and see as much as possible.
Brazil (71%), South Korea and Japan are the source markets most in favour of relaxing vacations, while the Italians, French and Spanish are the three countries that most prefer active getaways.
There is not much difference in preferences between men and women, with 35% of each enjoying squeezing in as much as possible while travelling.
Regarding age, surprisingly tourists in their 40s prefer a relaxing holiday at a higher rate (64%) than those aged 60 and older (57%). Unsurprisingly, teens are the most active tourists.
Los Angeles Times


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