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Record breaking cruise order book


More ships on order than ever (but size is not a record)
The new year is opening with a record-breaking cruise ship order book, according to the new 400-page 2017-2018 Cruise Industry News Annual Report.
With as many as 73 cruise vessels on order, not including a number of options, this is up from the previous record of 70 ships on order, set in 2016, which in turn eclipsed the year 2000 when 67 ships were on order.
However, the average size of the ships is not a record this year, reducing slightly to 2,994 passengers each. This is due to a number of new orders for smaller ships from expedition operators. The average tonnage of the vessels on order is 117,000.
The key year ahead is 2019, when 18 cruise ships and more than 45,000 berths will join the global fleet.
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