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Queensland tourism open again for business


Many tourism businesses untouched by the floods, others have recovered

In recent weeks, television and newspapers around the world have reported on the floods that hit parts of Queensland, and now Victoria. The images shown were shocking and the result was an outpouring of goodwill and donations to the people hurt by this event. Now, a message from Andrew McEvoy, managing director of Tourism Australia, stresses that the region’s tourism destinations are open again for business.

The images of the floods created a perception that Queensland, in particular, was too damaged to visit. This perception has resulted in cancellations for many tourism businesses, including those in regions completely untouched by the floods. The recovery in Brisbane and other areas has been rapid, however, and with the exception of a few smaller towns, tourism across Queensland is open once again.

Tourism Queensland has produced a series of post-flood vignettes to underline this fact, posted on YouTube/Queensland. The Australian and Queensland Governments today announced a joint Tourism Industry Support Package of $10 million, which will help address this issue and other impacts on the industry in Queensland.

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