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Print still important for travel marketing


“With a print writer there’s a kind of credibility”

Despite the boom in online marketing channels in recent years, print media is still important. This is because consumers view print media with a high degree of credibility.

“When I look at TripAdvisor for reviews, sometimes it is relevant, but sometimes it isn’t because I don’t know who that person is,” said Brian Dass, vice president digital marketing at AutoClerk Digital. “Magazines are creditable sources. Even as everything is mobbing digital there’s a greater appreciation for things in print because I don’t think the world is making decisions based just on digital engagement. It must come from a creditable source. I don’t need to know a writer personally, but with a writer there’s a kind of credibility in that.”

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[pictured: William Caxton showing his printing to King Edward IV and his Queen in the 15th century; published in The Graphic, 1877]


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