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Princess Cruises to add more Tahiti and Hawaii trips


One of the most popular cruise companies in the world has recently announced a change for their early 2014 cruise schedule.

Princess Cruises has been offering cruise services since 1956 when founder Stanley McDonald utilized the Princess Patricia’s winter furlough to ferry tourists and passengers along the Mexican Riviera. Today, the company has a total of 16 ships with 2 more scheduled to be delivered in the very near future. One of these, the Pacific Princess, will be used to offer customers three more trips to Tahiti and French Polynesia in early 2014. Each trip lasts 10 nights and makes stops in various New Zealand and Pacific island ports.

The company has also added a 16-night trip from Australia which visits islands in New Zealand and the Pacific. More trips to Hawaii are also scheduled to be added in 2014. A 12-night trip will be offered from Tahiti to Honolulu. A 10-night trip will also be offered to customers wishing to enjoy a cruise from Honolulu to Vancouver. The ship can accommodate just 680 passengers. The small number of people per cruise makes it perfect for couples enjoying a romantic getaway together. Princess Cruises prides itself in supplying their ships with the best amenities its customers can enjoy.

The Pacific Princess is no exception. Guests are treated to a wide array of activities to choose from during their cruise. From fun games to relaxing spa trips, the ship provides ways for its patrons to while the time away. Their dining facilities gives their patrons more options to choose from, and their rooms are clean and well-designed, perfect for couples wishing for some away time together.

Princess Cruises aims to give customers the very best cruise service anyone in the business can offer. Bookings can be made via travel agents or through online resources like http://www.cruiseo.co.uk. Interested parties can try this website and see if any great deals or promotions are available. Booking online is a great way for people to make their reservations without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

The slew of new trips to locales such as Tahiti, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands means more options for customers planning to take a cruise in 2014. Princess Cruises has always maintained a reputation for giving quality service and affordable prices. Their acquisition of new trips and the expansion of their scheduled cruises is evidence of the company’s continued growth.

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