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Powerless cruise ship docks today


A thousand people on board Costa Allegra are towed to Mahe

The stricken cruise liner Costa Allegra, which is still without power following a fire in its generator room, is due to dock in the Seychelles’ main island of Mahe today. The original plan to tow it to the Seychelles’ small, coral-lined island of Desroches by Wednesday morning was shelved by Costa Cruises, which said it was not safe enough. Passengers had already been told to pack their luggage for the earlier time.
Plans have been made to fly the passengers to Rome on three large aircraft as soon as they arrive in port Thursday morning. Helicopters have been used to ensure a continuous supply of food and other items such as flashlights to “mitigate guests’ discomfort given the difficult conditions on board”.
Costa Allegra was originally built as a Swedish container ship before later being transformed into a contemporary cruise ship.
[photo courtesy Costa]


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