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Possible to find big discounts on cruises


Cruise lines try to fill all their unsold cruise cabins
Tourists usually pay a high price for a cruise, with fine dining and entertainment at sea. And then there are the expected tips. But there is a golden opportunity for discounts.
Cruise ships are massive, and hard for cruise lines to fill, especially as many would-be passengers are currently waiting for the economy to improve before they sail. This means some lucky passengers might pay just 20% of what others are paying.
For the best cruise prices online, it’s best to avoid deals on the typical travel websites. Instead look further to find a company that knows cruises inside out, for last-minute arrangements or for bookings well in advance.
Some lines sell unsold inventory for up to 70% off listed prices through authorised partners. This might include sailings on brand new ships, which the lines don’t want sailing half empty.
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