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Popular new hotel trend: “Glamping”


High-class camping in cities and rural areas is catching on

What started as a joke among the marketing staff at the Hyatt 48 Lex in Manhattan has quickly become a popular new accommodation trend – high-class camping under the open skies, either on their spacious hotel suite terrace or out in the countryside. The hotel’s marketing team had no idea their idea to offer nights on an air mattress or a beanbag under the stars would take off so quickly.
But “glamping” (glamour camping) can also mean atmospheric and memorable evenings and nights on luxury houseboats, tree houses, yurts and tents, in all kinds of locations. There is, for example, a hotel suite near a national park in Costa Rica made from the refurbished fuselage of a Boeing 727. Glamping essentially means a well-furnished hotel room in an absolutely unique location.
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[photo courtesy costarica.com]


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