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“Sabotage” suspected at Swedish airport


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Break-in on plane parked at remote airport in far north
Police are investigating a possible attempt to sabotage a plane at an airport in Gällivare, which is located between Luleå and Kiruna in the far north of Sweden.
Police were alerted at 05:30 this morning to reports of a break-in at the airport, and when they arrived officers found that an aircraft owned by Nextjet, Sweden’s largest regional airine, had been tampered with.
“The person gained access to the airport area and sabotaged the aircraft, which has been taken out of service. I don’t know exactly what was done to the plane,” Johan Aittamaa of the Swedish police’s north region told the tabloid Aftonbladet.
Technicians are currently investigating the plane to find out more about what happened. In the meantime, Nextjet’s morning flight from Gällivare to Karamfors has been cancelled.
TT / The Local


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